Fokus Side Table

Fokus is Ykoon furniture design at its best. Elegant and honest sidetable, Characterized by its sharp lines.
Available in solid oak, walnut or teak, with a clear lacquer finish.

Height 35 cm Length 125 cm Width 45cm

Fokus Dinner Table

Fokus dinner table fits your entire family. Its angled legs provide a solid base. Quality materials like walnut, oak or teak bring a warm, natural feeling to your room. Available in two different sizes.

Height 75 cm Length 220-260 cm Width 88 cm

Fokus Bench

Fokus Bench is the latest product in the Fokus range. Works nice both in combination with the dinner table or as a piece on its own. Like all our products, the fokus bench also comes in oak, walnut or teak.

Height 42 cm Length 150 cm Width 32 cm

Echoo sideboard

Echoo is a handmade sideboard with references to Danish furniture design from the 50s and 60s. Available in solid oak, walnut or teak.

Height 74 cm Width 180 cm Depth 60 cm

About Ykoon

Ykoon is wood at its finest. Various fine woodworking techniques provide durable first-class products. Each piece is handmade by skilled craftsmen with a keen eye for detail. The designs have smooth shapes and is minimalistic in nature, but is above all, functional.

Ykoon was created by Steven Gosseye in 2014.

EXHIBITIONS 17 - 26.10.2014 Ventura Interieur - Budafabriek, Kortrijk
14 - 19.04.2015 A Belgian Village - Ventura Lambrate, Milaan

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